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    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    ‘Janet!’ cried my aunt, with the same complacent triumph that I

    the grateful creature who thought my aunt the most wonderful

    —‘Hope you have had a pleasant evening, ma’am,’ said


    never thoroughly forgive Peggotty for being so called

    of mentioning that Copperfield has noticed it too’

    like any other ordinary gentleman, in a loose grey morning coat

    at night and the first thing in the morning, I drank it gratefully and

    will succeed me—I am in earnest at last—so you’ll soon have to

    One eye, in exchange for the mansion of Hou Ye peace forever, for the good son alone a healthy eye, his eyes can offer.

    this country’

    carelessly, Trot Ale for me Half a pint’



    me for porter, gave me a written order on Mrs Micawber for the

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    mere oddity, he said; but she was as shrewdly and sharply

    worse, Agnes charitably remained within, to bear her company

    I answered Yes, and told him that Mr Spenlow had introduced

    love were all her work; and we were perfectly contented with

    readily undertook its transmission While I was waiting for the

    insinuate that you don’t know my character better than your

    reward Dora was the reward, and Dora must be won

    towards me without looking at me, the disagreeable dints I have

    I was intoxicated with joy I was afraid it was too happy to be

    upright It gave him a surprised look—not to say a hearth-broomy

    all stood up ‘A prosperous voyage out, a thriving career abroad,


    Copyright Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics